Owner Files Access Request

lyfear.com is requesting access to your owner files, use this to grant them temporary access.

Ethereum Wallet Required

In order to use this page you must install an Ethereum Wallet. Most people use Metamask.

Allow Access to your Wallet

In order to use this page you must allow access to your wallet.

Request Details

Frequently asked questions

What is this?
This is a way for you to allow third party access to additional files for your Meebits like T-Pose VOX files and rigged 3D models. Third parties can then access these files to let you use your Meebit in their virtual worlds and services.
How does it work?
You will sign a message that will grant them temporary access to these files.
Does this affect ownership of my Meebits?
No! This is simply allowing access to extra files associated with your Meebits.