Meebits Market Details and Documentation

The Meebits are a standard ERC-721 NFT, so they can be transacted on any modern marketplace. However, they also include a custom zero-fee market that allows for complicated deals and trades of up to 100 Meebits per transaction, as well as basic bid and ask transactions. This page provides details on how this custom marketplace works.


The integrated Meebits market is a zero-fee system that allows simple buy, bid and ask transactions as well as complicated "like-kind" trades involving up to 100 meebits. You can create a new proposed trade by going to your Trading Terminal.

When appearing in search results and listing pages, market details related to each Meebit are displayed in the following manner:

On Chain, Off Chain, and Cancelling Deals

The Meebits marketplace is run partially "off chain" to reduce fees and network usage. What this means is that proposing a trade requires no network transaction fee (gas), you will simply be asked to sign a message. If someone decides to accept the deal they will submit that signed message to the blockchain and pay a transaction fee to complete the deal.

However, cancelling a trade does require a network fee because you are telling the on chain portion of the trading system "if you ever see this signed message, don't accept it."

However in all cases it's important to note that the market charges no fees itself, you only pay the Ethereum network fee (gas) when necessary.

Email Notifications New

Meebit owners can receive email notifications for any deals offered to them. To do this, unlock your Ethereum wallet, then click on your address in the header. You will be prompted to prove ownership of your address by signing a message. After this your owner settings will be available:

Set and verify your email address to begin receiving emails when new deals are proposed to your acocunt. You can also choose to hide that you have notifications enabled, but we recommend you leave this status public as you will receive more offers. Meebit detail pages will indicate when notifications are enabled:

And a notification icon will appear on Meebits in search results:

You can also search for all Meebits with notifications enabled.

Indicate Meebits You Would Like to Trade New

Meebit owners can now indicate which Meebits they're interested in trading or receiving offers for. To do this, go to the detail page for any Meebit you own and prove ownership. Owner settings will then be enabled for this Meebit:

The Meebit detail page will then indicate you are interested in receiving offers for this Meebit:

And an "interested in a trade" icon will appear on Meebits in search results:

You can also search for all Meebits that are interested in being traded.